Should You Buy A Used Shredder?

Topic is : Should you buy a used shredder…..

Our answer:  We don’t recommend used shredders but we do offer them, but here are issues that must be discussed….

This client comments below, bought from a used equipment dealer, and this is what they got

A machine that was not properly sized or a machine that was ready to break….or both….

This is why you “don’t buy” from a used equipment broker…

You should buy from a Shredder Maker….for some reason we know a bit more about shredders…than most groups.

Brokers don’t know anything about shredders….a sad fact of life.

They just want to make a buck….and sell you anything that you will buy….and will make promises that they can’t keep…

Besides they sell ”as is and where is” so you have no recourse.

Here is the data from a client…..word for word…..their comments:

And if you want to know who they are we can provide that data…as proof that it’s not a made up comment.

It’s a real e-mail comment…

Data from client:

Basically we own a shred pax az15.

We purchased it used about 8 months ago and used it 4 times.

We use it to shred hard drives in large volume.

We seem to have broken one of the shafts and about 10 blades need to be replaced.

One we are trying to find replacement parts and we are also looking at the option on purchasing something else.

Of course we are trying to repair first especially bc we just made the investment into the machine less than a year ago.

Maybe we can have a conversation tomm?

Thanks Mike.

Reflect on this when you decide to buy a used shredder from a broker or dealer.

Call us to see what we can offer you at the same price or what we can guarantee you.

Dan Burda, Owner